In this section we will explain the workflow on how to integrate your ticketing system, so that you can manage the tickets from our Web app.

The following operations could be supported, depending on the ticketing vendor used:

  • link your git commit, branch or merge (pull) request, with your ticket
  • change the status of the ticket
  • change the owner of the ticket
  • make a comment in your ticket
  • log time worked etc.

In order to execute the previous operations listed, the following is necessary:

  1. To link your Git project to your ticketing system (this should be enabled by default in case Git and Ticketing system vendor are the same - GitLab, GitHub, Atlassian Jira/Confluence)
  2. Write the proper syntax in your Git commit message which the corresponding Ticketing System vendor would be able to process.

For example, the following Git commit message, that should be used with our push option, would for most of the vendors link your ticket with the change:

Fixing docs bug #555

However every vendor has its own supported commands, that could be found below.


Closing Issues by commit messages

Commit message templates

Tagging with a commit message


Linking a pull request or branch to an issue using a keyword in a commit message


VCS (git) Integration

Apply commands in VCS (git) commits

Azure DevOps

Linking work items to git commits

Jira (Atlassian)

Integrate your issues and development tools

Process issues with smart commits