Release date: 11-10-2022


Issue ID Title State
308 ToC View | Edit source documents Closed
309 Implement Paypal integration Closed
348 ToC View | ToC | Save button on Preview tab Closed
349 ToC View | ToC | click on heading name - default action “View” Closed
350 Add SW version to Dashboard and release notes to Website Closed

Bug Fixes

Issue ID Title State
40 Sign Up | Update password strength Closed
93 ToC View | Display chapter dropdown menu (3 dots) onmouseover action Closed
103 Dashboard | Docx-as-code & Repositories | Docx-as-code & Repositories tab headings should be clickable and open Add popup Closed
147 Admin | Add real name of user and company Closed
152 Admin | Add new invoice shows error not found Closed
251 Source Preview | Raw preview is not the one from Gitlab Closed
252 Dashboard | Regenerate icon on published docs Closed
257 Dashboard | Download is not working on Windows/Google Chrome Closed
304 Dashboard | Dropdown menu keeps collapsing Closed
305 ToC | Heading can be added while pull is in progress Closed
327 Sign up | User is redirected to bad endpoint Closed
330 Publish | Release Management doc name error Closed
331 Referral | registered invitee is not displayed as green dot Closed
332 ToC | User can access ToC without creating document first Closed
335 Email input fields | Increase max length of the characters in email input fields Closed
336 ToC | DnD | Can’t drag and drop .md or folder if I drag it all the way to the bottom of the ToC Closed
337 Settings | User name and sidebar are not shown correctly Closed
341 ToC View | DnD of Docs folder shows wrong Headings in getting-started Closed
343 Dashboard | Template edit | Upload issue Closed
357 Migrate java version Closed
372 Generated docs | Vars not rendered correctly Closed
374 Generated docs | Empty line between image and caption Closed
376 Generated Docs | *** does not produce horizontal rule Closed
377 Toc View | Edit source docs | Image path in raw view is not correct Closed
389 ToC | Buttons are not aligned correctly Closed
393 Login | Google sign up issue Closed
394 Subscription Packages modal | Package payment never get processed Closed
395 Subscription packages modal | Cannot upgrade from freemium to other packages Closed
397 Admin | Cannot create new tenant admin user Closed
398 Admin | Admin is reditected to Puzzles Cloud app after disabling and enabling user again Closed
399 Admin | Cannot delete tenant Closed
401 Admin | Long user email is not displayed correctly Closed
402 Admin | List is not updated until user reopens users tab Closed
403 Admin | Tenant cannot be deactivated Closed