Release date: 08-03-2023


Issue ID Title State
514 Knowledge Base Use Case Optimization Closed

Bugs Fixes

Issue ID Title State
106 Resolution 1366x768 should be reduced to 80% of original Closed
541 Repo view | Changes to a md file are discarded if user clicks on docx-as-code tab without saving changes Closed
542 Repo view | When new empty md file is created and previewed it shows content of last open md Closed
543 Repo view | Long file name is not fully displayed Closed
544 Repo view | Edit option from markdown file dropdown opens preview instead of edit tab Closed
545 Repo View | Grayed out repo in breadcrumb can be selected Closed
546 Repo view | Page gets reloaded when markdown file is opened Closed
547 Repo view | Repository button leads to desktop Closed
548 Repo view | Docx-as-code tab can be accessed without document created Closed
549 Repo view | Maximize and close buttons missing from preview Closed
551 Repo view | Pull branch error Closed
552 Repo view | When maximized view is closed source files section is not displayed Closed
553 UI fixes Closed
556 Repo view | Last opened repository is not displayed Closed


Release date: 27-12-2022


Issue ID Title State
485 Dashboard | create default docx-as-code Closed
491 Default repo | Add default files for testing Closed


Release date: 22-12-2022


Issue ID Title State
361 IF2022 | Migration tools | docx upload Closed
365 IF2022 | no Git User use-case Closed
429 UX improvements | no git user Closed
445 Ux improvements | ToC and dashboard changes Closed
458 ToC | UI improvements Closed
479 docx upload | Add possibility to view/rename/delete images Closed
480 docx upload | Add possibility to view images Closed
482 upload | allow image upload Closed
486 Editor | Upload image Closed
489 Editor | Make Preview and Markdown edit tabs only Closed

Bug Fixes

Issue ID Title State
414 Admin | Cannot delete tenant if message is sent to him beforehand Closed
416 Admin | Pagination is not working Closed
419 Login | Change logo image Closed
420 GET ‘/tenant-users’ request return status code 500 Closed
421 ToC | Remove star next to edited file for local repository Closed
422 ToC | Local repo doesn’t have icon in breadcrumb Closed
423 Publish | Cannot publish manual version of a document after publishing first version Closed
424 ToC | Local repository branch name Closed
426 Publish | Change text under publish option for local repository and in document info Closed
441 Toc | After uploading and splitting document empty .md is created Closed
449 Repositories | Cannot delete repository Closed
450 Dashboard | Change repositories button Closed
451 Toc | Pictures are not displayed correctly Closed
452 ToC | Changes to a file cannot be pushed to repository Closed
453 ToC | When using pc-advanced.docx template preview is not working Closed
461 Toc | Old accounts cannot upload file to root folder Closed
462 ToC | Increase drop area below headings Closed
463 ToC | Repositories are not shown in breadcrumb if user enters some folder Closed
464 Source Edit | Align plantuml delimiters between editor & backend Closed
465 UX improvements | ToC full surface is not used Closed
466 UX Improvements | Preview does not show page borders anymore Closed
467 UX Improvements | Preview does not show doc in full size Closed
468 docx upload | bullet lists not converted at all Closed
470 ToC | Chart type rendered in editor but not in final doc Closed
472 No Git User | rename default repository Closed
473 UX Improvements | Save button rename to Save & Close Closed
474 Dashboard | both icons on left side show dashboard Closed
475 Editor | Remove strike button from editor Closed
481 ToC | Additional images are uploaded when document is splitted Closed
485 Dashboard | create default docx-as-code Closed
487 Editor | Images with relative path are not displayed Closed
490 Repositories | GitLab repository is recognized as a local Closed
491 Default repo | Add default files for testing Closed