Release date: 29-04-2022


Issue ID Title State
275 Add Referral Model & Subscription Packages Closed
297 Publish File | Publish file to Google Drive Closed
302 ToC View | Add possibility to switch repo in ToC View Closed

Bug Fixes

Issue ID Title State
43 Show captch-a only for production Closed
149 Admin | Edit and message buttons are not working in Tenant users view Closed
151 Admin | Cannot create new Admin user Closed
230 ToC & Generated docs | Add table styles Closed
281 ToC View | Pull does not show new branches Closed
287 Webhook is not triggered when wiki page is created or updated Closed
289 Migrate to spring boot 2.x Closed
293 New Doc | Not possible to select a branch Closed
296 ToC | Problem with renaming headings Closed
301 Dashboard performance slows down when user creates a lot of documents Closed
303 When performing pull action on branch, sync status remains syncing indefinitely Closed
323 Admin | Adding new admin user from admin application is not working Closed