We do support integrations with other popular Web apps. Check out the details below.

On the following Figure, are outlined integration capabilities with other cloud based applications:

Interworking with others

OAuth Providers

We want your user experience on the top level. You don’t need to remember many passwords any more. It is enough to register and login with one of the supported authentication providers.

Currently we support the following OAuth providers:

  1. GitLab
  2. GitHub
  3. Google

In order to try authentication services please login to our Web app.

Import & Push Git Repos

In order to import one of your projects to our Webapp or to push from our Webapp to Git repository, you would need to keep your cool projects in one of the supported Git service providers:

  1. GitLab
  2. GitHub
  3. Azure DevOps
  4. Atlassian (Bitbucket)

But no worries, we are working hard to support the others as well. Stay tuned.

On how to import Git repo, please check this article.

Webhook Support

In order to automatically trigger the whole docx-as-code build cycle the following Webhook integrations are available

  1. GitLab
  2. GitHub

On how to configure the Webhook services, please check this article.

Docs Publishing Support

As of March 2022 it is possible to publish your documents to the following storage providers:

  1. Google Drive