In this section we will explain the workflow on how to create a new docx-as-code doc.

The workflow is outlined below:

On the dashboard, click on the docx-as-code “+” button circled by orange line.

Add docx-as-code

The following window will appear:

New docx-as-code

These are the mandatory fields:

  • Select Repository (this is the Git repository to which new Doc will be pushed if opted),
  • Select Branch (this is the Git branch to which new Doc will be pushed),
  • Document Name (this is the name of the new doc),
  • Template (this is the template to which you wish to put your content to).

After completing those you can click on the “Create” button.

The following window will appear:

Create docx-as-code

You can select on the left hand side:

  • Source Docs Git Repository (You can create a single Doc of multiple Git Repos) (1)
  • Source Docs branch (2)

In order to pupulate Table of Content (ToC) part the following options are available:

  • Drag&Drop Folder from source section (3)
  • Drag&Drop a single file from source section (4)
  • Enter manually Heading name (5)
  • Add manually additinal Heading (6)
  • “Copy Toc” by which ToC can be copied over from an existing docx-as-code (7)

The created document is shown below.

Created docx-as-code

Table of Content section can be re-ordered by Drag&Drop functionality.

Clicking on “…” for a given element in the ToC section shows additional options such as:

  • View
  • Edit
  • Delete

docx-as-code options

The following options are available for the created docx-as-code:

  • Preview (it will show how DOCX/PDF will actually look like)
  • Save (you can explicitely save the content altough autosave option is turned on by default)
  • Template Variables (you can fill out Vars defined in the used DOCX Template)
  • Download (DOCX)
  • Download as PDF (PDF)
  • Push (will push latest Doc edits to remote Git repository)
  • Publish (will Publish versioned and released DOCX/PDF Doc on our Website and/or Google Drive)