Starting from the 3.8.0 PuzzlesCloud software release you can upload DOCX files to our web app and it will be converted automatically.

Bulk Conversion

If you need to convert multiple files the most convenient and reliable tool for this purpose is Pandoc.

This article explains how to install Pandoc on different Operating Systems: https://pandoc.org/installing.html

Lackily enough, after installation you need a single command:

pandoc -f docx -t gfm input.docx -o output.md --extract-media=./

This command will convert input.docx file into output.md file with all input.docx figures (images) placed in --extract-media=./ folder. Cool, isn’t it?

Oh yeah, output is gfm (GitHub-Flavored Markdown). All needed now is to commit your new output.md into Git Repo to be able to use it in our app.