Customer Success Engineers are as its title says, customer focused. On the other hand our docx-as-code git based solution produces high quality customer docs. Find out how these two fit together.

What is the role of Customer Success Engineer?

Today, together with the rise of digital transformation and the urgent needs of IT solutions in the competitive marketplace – introducing a strong and competent success team has been one of the top priorities of the companies. Critical role in those departments is Customer Success Engineer (or sometimes called Solution Engineer, Application Engineer, Implementation Specialist etc.).

Typical goal of Customer Success Engineer is to offer technical deployment or implementation of the products and services to the customers.

Usual responsibilities are:

  • Customer Facing:
    • Onboarding of the customers to the applications
    • Suggestions for the improvements and enhancements in customer implementation
    • Deep understanding of customer processes and workflows
    • Technical Support of the onboarded customer
    • Deep troubleshooting and resolutions of customer issues ASAP
  • Internally facing:
    • Suggestions for application improvements
    • Internal and external documentation enhancements
    • collaboration with all internal teams for quick customer issues resolution
    • application testing activities for the customer issues
    • Internal projects as needed

How can a Customer Success Engineer achieve more with less?

For Customer Success Engineers, customer is top priority. There is no time enough for secondary activities, such as documentation of the work done or planned.

Well, you don’t need extra time. Make Pro customer deliverables in a couple of clicks with PuzzlesCloud solution. Save your time and make your company look more professional.

All you need is:

  • to know Git (this should not be a problem for well skilled Customer Success Engineer)
  • to have your source docs written in MarkDown format. It could be:
    • Your public website documentation if source docs written in MarkDown (Website uses Static Site Generators for instance)
    • Your internal Wiki Pages (git based)
    • Your custom content for the customer

With this approach the only concern is to select existing content convenient for the customer, or build custom articles specific to the customer. Drag and Drop your content to the final doc and that is it.

All of the rest will be already in place.

  • Table of content,
  • Table of Tables,
  • Table of Figures,
  • Corporate docx Template (created by marketing department),
  • Automated formating,
  • High professional look.
  • And many more.

Documentation that Customer Success Engineer could deliver to the customer is:

  • Customer Onboarding Guides
  • Customer Implementation Docs
  • Implementation Improvement Docs
  • Root Cause Analysis docs (for the issues faced)
  • Custom User Guides (only for features implemented and used by the customer)
  • Custom Release Notes (only tracking issues th customer is facing or features interested in).

Get to the next level of customer focus and success!