PuzzlesCloud was recognized at the EU Opportunity Week event held in Serbia. The company was granted an award in 2022 and received a plaque during the event to commemorate their outstanding achievement.

The EU Opportunity Week in Serbia held from 21-26th of June, serves as a platform to highlight and acknowledge organizations that have made remarkable contributions in various industries. PuzzlesCloud’s selection for the grant award reflects their commitment to innovation, quality, and their potential for significant growth in the IT Industry.

The grant award received by PuzzlesCloud in 2022 was a testament to their dedication and vision in providing cutting-edge solutions to clients in the IT sector.

The plaque presented to the company serves as a symbol of their accomplishments and a reminder of the value they bring to the IT community.

The presence of PuzzlesCloud at the EU Opportunity Week event not only reinforces our position as a successful recipient of the grant but also serves as an inspiration to other emerging companies in the region. This recognition encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of excellence within the Serbian business community.